Varley an exciting prospect for the Tigresses

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The youngster, Varley, broke through the ranks into the First Team against Featherstone Rovers in Round One of the Women’s Betfred Super League in 2021, and became a regular starter from thereon. A revelation that shocked Varley as she said: “It was great to make my debut last season – I really didn’t expect it.

“The squad was released on the Friday and everybody was waiting, thinking “who is going to be picked?” and then I got put up in the squad and into the starting team. I was buzzing – I didn’t expect it at all.”

Coaches stated that the young, emerging talent in Varley was one of the highlights from the Fords’ season last year and adding to that pool of skill is crucial to the New Cas Era in 2022. Although again, it was a surprise for Varley, she soaked up the moment.

“Eva and I didn’t anticipate playing last year so to get the opportunities that we did was really positive for us.”

“It feels amazing to put on that Castleford jersey. I started playing rugby just for fun and I never thought that it would go this far but it’s fantastic.”

Rugby league, however, was not always within Varley’s vicinity but the keen sportswoman in her meant that only little encouragement was needed for the winger to give it a try.

“I’ve always been into sport and somebody approached and asked if I wanted to play rugby and I just said yes. From there, I began to play and have done for almost four years now.”

Castleford Tigers’ Women have hosted one development and selection session and are continually looking to expand their existing squad. Speaking about those sessions, Kaitlin said: “I think the number of new faces is really exciting. A fresh start will do us good this year and it’s great to see so many different abilities and talents coming through.”

“It’s Cas, isn’t it? I just feel like we need that local talent to come in and get back to a place where we should be.”

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