Tigresses tested and ready for 2022

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Castleford Tigers Women’s squad took part in some vital pre-season medical tests and checks down at The Jungle recently in preparation for the 2022 Women’s Super League campaign.

The players completed an electrocardiogram (ECG), Sport Competition Anxiety Test (SCAT), and Cognigram tests, which aren’t currently compulsory for Women’s Super League teams to complete, however, the Tigresses medical staff wanted to go the extra mile to ensure they are ready for the season ahead.

Tigresses Doctor, Sophie England, sat down with to explain the process and how important it is for the players to go through these checks, by saying: “We are here to do some pre-medical screening with the girls today which are just checks to make sure that they are fit for the season.

“They will be doing some basic cardiac and concussion screening which will then set baselines in case they do get concussed during the season. We will also get all their medical details down, so they are fit and ready for the season.

“It’s really important to gather those baselines with the head test because if they do have a knock during the season or we suspect they are suffering from concussive symptoms then we can compare that to the baselines set today.

“We have a duty of care and responsibly for these women and we make sure we look after them.”

Jack Ledgard, who is involved in the Fords’ Academy setup as a physiotherapist, also outlined the vital nature of the tests in picking up issues that may occur later down the line.

“The Men’s team and the Academy all do these tests so I think it definitely should be something going forward that should be compulsory for the women.

“It’s also crucial in that the checks will also screen for any issues which prevents anything going wrong in the future. It shows the level of care within the club.”

Tigers Women’s Head Coach Matty Faulkner has been busy preparing his pack for the term ahead with the season just on the horizon and he claimed that having all the medical staff down to help illustrates the togetherness at the Club.

“The backing from everybody at the club has been great. Everyone has bought in because we’ve had First Team doctors and Academy physios helping out today supporting the programme to give the girls the best treatment they can have.”

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