Tigresses physio fully qualifies

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Women in sport is something that we have seen growing massively of late, and it is expected to continue with the inspirational Lionesses winning the recent European Championships. However, it’s not just the Lionesses that are growing, the Tigresses are too.

The Fords are thrilled to hear the news that Hannah Martin, who has been shadowing the Club’s medical staff this year, has now become a fully qualified physiotherapist.

Watch the full interview with Hannah below!

When speaking to, Hannah explained her journey to get where she is today.

“I started my degree at Bradford University four years ago doing Physiotherapy with sport and exercise, and it was an integrated Masters so I am now a Master of Physiotherapy. I wanted to get into Physiotherapy, and I enjoy the sport side of it as well. I wanted to get into sport straight away and the opportunity came up at Cas, so I grabbed it with both hands.”

A local hailing from Pontefract, Hannah saw Castleford Tigers as the perfect job for her and increasing numbers of women in sport is something she is very passionate about.

“I wanted to be part of the Women’s team because I am very passionate about women in sport and having a good impact on not only the women’s players, but to be a representative of women in a sporting environment.”

The Tigresses setup has a new look to it with Martin being part of Head Coach Matty Faulkner’s backroom staff and in closing, she outlined that it has been pleasing to see the development of the players on and off the pitch.

“Having an impact on the girls not only helps them, but it helps me too. Obviously, we are a very developing squad, but seeing the girls grow helps me and it is a good place to start and get going.

“Seeing the girls being new, and not knowing each other to gelling together and not only from a playing point of view, not only with themselves but with me and getting them to trust me and my advice it helps us. Whether they are playing successfully with no injuries, which is what we hope for, but if they are injured then we have a really good relationship, so it helps us in that process.”

From everyone at Castleford Tigers, we wish to congratulate Hannah on gaining her qualification, and wish her the very best at the club!

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