Tigresses back in town for pre-season

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The Women’s season begins in April, but pre-season has just kicked off for the Tigresses.

Recruitment was the key for Head Coach Matty Faulkner this time around, after starting from scratch this time in 2022. Numbers have grown for Castleford Tigers Women, and Matty is looking forward to the season ahead with a bolstered squad for Super League 2.

“I’m very excited! It’s good to have them all back in. We had our trial day at the back end of last year but it’s good to see all the girls back in training and looking forward to the season ahead.”

“We want to build on what we did last year. The aims are to make the squad fitter, and more skilful. We’ve got a few new girls in so we want to create a bit of team togetherness. There’s a nice feeling amongst the group.”


New face Sargent Emily White has joined the club having adopted the League code after previously living in a Union dominated area. Emily is serving in the Army and has played for the Army Rugby League side, as well as previously training with the Exeter Chiefs. She brings in a wealth of experience and she cannot wait to pull on the jersey for the Tigresses.

“I’ve captained the Army Rugby League and Armed Forces UK teams for five years now. I’m really loving Rugby League. I never had the opportunity to play Rugby League because I’m from Exeter in Devon, and they don’t play it down there. So, I’m definitely converted from Rugby Union; I’ve decided that this is what I want to do.”

“I’ve been playing Winter League for Cutsyke, because last season I broke my ankle, so it’s been a good way to get back into things, and now I’m really looking forward to playing for Castleford.”

Emily has played a number of positions in the past, meaning she is versatile and play wherever she is needed, meaning that Faulkner has added a fantastic weapon into the Tigresses arsenal, but Emily has one position which she has her eye on for 2023.

“Loose Forward is my preferred position, but I’m known to have played many other positions. The Army had me in the halves, I’ve played in the backs, but I definitely belong in the forwards.”


Another player who can’t wait to get going is Fords’ Women’s captain Kaitlin Varley. Kaitlin will be going into her second season as captain and has outlined her expectations for the squad now they have returned for pre-season training.

“I think everyone has got to put their all in and really get ready for the season. It’s going to be a big one this year so there’s a lot of work to put in.”

“Last year we were building quite a bit. This year is to put everything in and show people what we’ve been building behind the scenes and go forward from there. It’s going to be a long pre-season so everyone is going to get the chance to know each other quite well, and how we play. Hopefully it’ll show on the pitch when we get out there.”


If you would like to join the Tigresses, email [email protected]

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