Tigers sign Goddard in 2022

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Castleford Tigers Women are delighted to welcome 17-year-old Kayleigh Goddard who will be part of the 2022 squad. A student at Brigshaw High School and a background with the Club’s PAWS and CLAWS dance programme, Kayleigh is eager to add to her list of commitments by joining the Tigresses and was joyous to be introduced.

“I live around Castleford and have watched the men play through my childhood, so I wanted to play for my local club.

“It’s surreal to think that I am going to be a Super League player next year, I never pictured myself being in this position but I’m here now, and I can’t wait to get involved.”

Being local to the Club and growing up cheerleading on match days, Kayleigh began to gain an understanding of the game as well as developing an interest for the sport. When told Kayleigh could begin to play rugby at school, she grabbed the opportunity with both hands and that further let to her getting involved with the Fords.

As a dancer, Kayleigh is perfectly positioned as a winger with her light, nimble footwork but she believes those aren’t the only qualities that dancing can improve.

“The dancing has 100% helped me with my rugby. I’m quite a small girl so rugby can be physically demanding for me but having the flexibility of a dancer could work to my advantage.

“I don’t have any fear going forward, I’m just really excited for the challenge and I want make my team proud.”

The ingredients to be a really courageous player, Castleford Tigers Women’s Head Coach, Matty Faulkner said: “Kayleigh is sharp, very athletic and really brave on the ball. She flies into people and never takes a backward step.”

In closing, Kayleigh spoke of the impact Head Coach Matty Faulkner has had on the squad and why the Tigresses have the potential to be successful this year.

“I think there are people who aren’t expecting much from Castleford this year, but we have good leaders in Kaitlin and Leigh who are constantly driving us forward. I think that people will be surprised by what we have to show.

“Matty is positive, and he is always motivating us to work hard. It’s great to have him as our Head Coach.”

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