Scholarship preparing for 2022 season

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With it being half-term last week, it gave our Tigers Scholarship team the chance to come down to Wheldon Road and use the First Team facilities at The Jungle.

The squad began the week at Leeds Beckett University on the Monday before coming down to The Jungle for a video review meeting which was then followed by a gym workout and training session up at Castleford Academy.

Castleford’s Head of Youth Development, Rob Nickolay, spoke about the week’s activities and how they have been beneficial for his side.

“Last week we had the opportunity of having our Scholarship team in for two days. At the start of the week on Monday we visited Leeds Beckett University, where they looked at nutrition and sports psychology before going on to do some training that afternoon.

“On the Wednesday we set out something a little bit different for them and we have been able to use the First Team facilities at The Jungle as well as the 4G pitches at Castleford Academy. We did a video session with them this morning, then they went onto a gym session and went up to the field this afternoon for some ball work.

“It’s allowed us to put what we have been working on into practice, so it has been a good week.”

Using First Team equipment really gives the youngsters a boost in terms of their preparations for the new campaign and Nickolay outlined that it demonstrates the link between all of the teams at the Club.

“It all gives them a feel of what is like for the First Team boys day to day and the lads on our college course as well.

“As part of our foundation we want that #ONECLUB mentality of making sure they can use the same facilities as the First Team and the boys definitely thrive on that. They have really enjoyed it and it’s a huge benefit to us that we have got everything on site that we need.

“Our Scholarship training is normally in the evening where we only have two hours with them, so it’s been good for them to spend a little bit of time with each other because they form those tight-knit relationships.

“It has been an enjoyable week for us staff as well because we can really see their personalities that we may not get to see during those two hours.”

Cas’ Scholarship side get their season underway later this month and the Head of Youth Development put forward that he and his staff are satisfied with their build up to the 2022 campaign.

“The staff are really pleased with how things are going and in terms of Scholarship we have a strong group. They are a great group to work with and are very receptive of what we are trying to put in place.

“It will be a good year ahead but for us it is about making those players better but seeing some success would be a boost as well.”

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