Girls TTP sessions a success!

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Last week saw Castleford Tigers Foundation’s girls Tigers Talent Pathway go ahead down at The Mend-A-Hose Jungle and it was fantastic to see so many participants wanting to get involved with the Club’s women’s setup!

Watch the full video below!

The classes were headed up by Castleford Tigers Women’s coaching staff with Head Coach Matty Faulkner leading the sessions which included numerous fresh and exciting training drills and games.

With the introduction of a new women’s Academy and Scholarship programme, the Club are committed to increasing their involvement in the progression of young players at the Tigers and the TTP sessions are a crucial part of the pathway.

Head Coach Faulkner touched on just how important the sessions are in term of talent identification and for youngsters to get involved with the Fords.

“These sessions are a big part of what we want to do moving forward and it gives the girls an opportunity to train with us at an earlier age. It provides them a taster of what we do further down the pathway and it’s good for us to be able to have a look at players who we would like to work with moving forward.

“It’s good for them to get that experience and to step outside of what they do with their amateur clubs. The stuff they do with their community clubs is really important for their involvement in the game and it’s great to see so many girls down today which has been outstanding.

“We really want to continue to work with the community clubs in our area to get the best out of them and to provide the best opportunities moving forward.”

Last week saw the Tigresses and the Foundation announce the integration of a Scholarship and Academy which will target the growth of the women’s game in the area and Faulkner reaffirmed the importance of this, by saying: “The pathway we are building for the young players in the area is a big part of what we are trying to do. It’s crucial for us moving forward the links we have within our community which have been really strong, and we have received a lot of support.

“The youth system that we have put in place will be vital for us moving forward because you need a conveyor belt of girls coming through and that starts with this kind of open access stuff. Hopefully a lot of these girls will want to come through and eventually go on to play for our women’s team in the very near future.”

Castleford’s women’s captain Kaitlin Varley also got involved in some coaching and provided a unique insight into what it takes to become a top-level women’s rugby league player.

Varley explained that it was a welcome sight to see so many young stars partake in the sessions which displays that the future is bright for the Fords’ women’s side.

“It’s been really good to see the girls come down because the numbers have been really good and that shows that the future is really promising. In the sessions we have been trying to replicate what they would be doing in an England camp, so we have been doing lots of catching and passing, with some defensive work.

“These sessions as well as the Scholarship and Academy setup creates more of a pathway to be able to build players up which makes that step up to the First Team easier.”

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