GCSE Dance at Brigshaw High School

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It’s a busy time for the GCSE Dance students of Brigshaw High School as their term draws to a close and assessment day nears closer. Dance students will perform solo, duet and trio pieces that have all been worked on since the beginning of term. Describing the routines, Dance student Alana Orr said: “For your solos, anybody can choreograph that, but you can do it yourself which I have chosen to do.

“For the duets and trios, you choreograph that together and you are using scoop and shift to put in it as well. It’s all gone well so far!”

Castleford Tigers Foundation and Brigshaw High School have built a long-standing relationship over the years, particularly in dance. Michaela Anderson, the Foundation’s Community Dance Development Officer has assisted with the GCSE Dance at Brigshaw building strong rapport with the some of the students, who also attend the Foundation’s PAWS and CLAWS dance classes.

Alana continued: “It’s really good that Castleford Tigers and Brigshaw High School have built a relationship together. By working together, it can improve dancing for everyone.

“Michaela has taught me since I was really little, she comes into school and teaches all the girls and at CLAWS as well.

“PAWS and CLAWS is an inclusive team, and everybody is really friendly. You learn skills for the future if you want to go on and dance.”

Further singing Michaela’s praises, Brigshaw High School’s Assistant Subject Lead for P.E Steph Hopkins said: “Michaela comes in and really helps the students perfect their technique and the whole technical side to their choreography and performance, offering her own ideas too.

“The students have got a really strong relationship with Michaela and it’s really good having that external person coming in from Castleford Tigers to help with their choreography.”

Castleford Tigers Foundation wish all the dancers the best of luck for their GCSE examinations.

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