A bright future ahead for Castleford Tigers’ Women’s team

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Castleford Tigers Women’s Team held their very own open-access training session for female players aged 16+ to strengthen and add depth to the upcoming 2022 squad. The session was aimed at upskilling players and identifying those with the attributes and potential to play for the Tigresses.

Delighted to see the array of talent on display, The Tigresses’ Coach Marie Colley said: “It’s absolutely fantastic to see so many women down here tonight. The local talent that is on show is really encouraging and huge congratulations to the clubs that they are currently working with.

“Getting back out tonight and having the first taste of it is really exciting and I’m relishing the challenge of 2022 with the new recruitment. Last year showed the young talent we have with young Kaitlin Varley having big opportunities and a lot of game time as well as Libby Priestley and Eva Izumi.

“Bringing new girls into the system not only to see them develop but to push on our girls as well – it just shows the growth of the game.”

The likes of First Team players Sam Jordan, Kirsty Duffield and Kaitlin Varley trained alongside the new, emerging talent, as did the Fords’ Amie Backhouse. The forward was too, thrilled to see the squad’s new prospects.

“It’s really exciting and positive to see so many new faces down here tonight. I have spoken to some of the girls, and they are really buzzing to be playing this evening. It offers a great opportunity for talent in the local area.”

Parents gathered along the touchline to support and cheer on their daughters/ granddaughters at the session. Looking to improve on the technical aspect of rugby league, Susanne Parker commented on her daughters aims: “Our daughter was excited to come here, to learn and move forward. The session tonight is more about fine-tuning and technique-based learning and it’s great that she has been able to get this opportunity.

“It’s all different training to what she is used to, but she seems really happy.”

“I think it’s absolutely great – I love to see it” was another comment made from loyal supporter of his granddaughter, Kevin Brown.

“Methley Warriors are doing a remarkable job, particularly the coaches there. I’ve been a rugby fan all my life and I think that women’s rugby is coming to the forefront. It’s great that local lasses can get involved and that the Club is getting them involved too.”

In response to what it would mean to Kevin if his granddaughter represented Castleford, he said: “Oh, it would mean the earth to me. I go to every training session with her and every game that they play, and it would be fantastic for me. I would be so proud of her. She is rugby crazy and it’s all she lives and dreams.”

It is a compelling time for Castleford Tigers’ Women and Marie Colley is equally ready for it all to begin again.

“The growth and development now of the young talent coming through is what is going to be the new Cas team and the New Cas Era. These girls can be the next generation at Castleford for the next 5 to 10 years! They can go on to make their dreams as big as they wish. I think it will be a fantastic 2022 season.”

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